Current and Previous Projects

Current Projects

Sexual and Mental Health of Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Men

As a doctoral trainee, I am investigating the sexual and mental health of gay, bisexual, and transgender men. Specifically, I am interested in better understanding their sexual health literacy, consumption behaviours, and usage of hook up apps for sex.

Transgender Experiences Online

I am collaborating with my colleagues Oliver Hamison and Jack Gieseking on transgender people using Tumblr. Specifically, we are interested in  motivations and experiences of trans people with social media for improving health and wellbeing.

Sexuality & Technology

I have an ongoing qualitative and quantiative interest in understanding the online experiences of LGBT people. This project stems from previous work concerning gbMSM online interactions and includes some more theoretical work but also some qualitative and quantitative analyses of data on LGB youth and a year long autobiography collecting data based on experiences using different social media applications. The goal of this ongoing project is to better understand the connections between sexuality and CHI along with the potential of incorporating autobiography into CHI.

As a HASTAC Scholar, I am also working with Ryan Burns on a project concerning the perspectives of gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men who are using various virtual applications (i.e., hook up or dating). Additionally, we are investigating the persepctives of these men about mapping/GIScience data. The goal of this project is to improve our understanding about these men and their experiences with these applications and how to best use their knowledge when producing (meta)data.

Community-Based Research on GBTQ Men’s Health

I am collaborating with a community and academic partners for a project on ways to improve community-based research on GBTQ men’s health. The goal of this project is to produce some best practices when completing community-based research with GBTQ men’s health organizations.

Recruitment methods for Gay men’s health research

I am collaborating with a group of researchers interested in recruitment methods for gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in health research. This project is a systematic review of recruitment methods and trying to explore which methods are most effective to recruit GBMSM into different non-clinical studies.



Completed Projects


Analysis of PrEP in the Canadian Media

Under my co-supervision three UBC students collected every article written in Canada prior to 2017 on Pre-exposure prophylaxis in the mainstream and LGBTQ media. The students then coded all of these articles and are currently creating a data set.

Bisexual Mental Health Systematic Review

I am collaborating with researchers at the University of Toronto on a series of systematic reviews concerning different mental health outcomes (suicidality, substance abuse, depression, etc.). At the moment, I am writing a scoping review of literature concerning bisexual heavy drinking and alcohol depedency. Other papers are concurrently being written by my fellow collaborators on suicidality, depression, and lack of content for people of colour.

The Everyday Health Information Seeking Behaviors of LGBTQ Youth in Prince George, Canada

During the August 2015 – January 2016, I lived in Prince George to engage with LGBTQ youth and complete fieldwork on their health information behaviours and characterizing where they prefer to visit for health information. My research involved participatory mapping and focus groups on what makes places preferred, somewhat preferred, and disliked to visit for health information. The participants were also asked to describe their information behaviours when they were in the different places for information. At the moment, I have published three conference papers using this data and have one more paper being revised for submission.

GBMSM and online interactions

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a series of researchers for theoretical and quantiative papers specifically concerning GBMSM and their online interactions. So far I have explored questions of the potential harm of online interactions, and have collaborated on papers regarding access to online health campaigns and grindr usage by GBMSM.

Heuristic Evaluation of Online Health Information for LGBTQ youth & Men

There are many online health promotion campaigns targetted at men and lgbtq youth. The purpose of these two related projects was to create a measure to evaluate online health websites for engagement. Based on our findings, we found that few online websites included a substantial amount of materials for racial minorities and typically had dated perspectives of masculinity.


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